Consulting Services

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We offer solutions for testing challenges, not services. And we won't stop until the challenge is met.

Test team augmentation

Does your project need a specific testing role? Do you need to strengthen your internal testing team? Our experts are more than testers. They always bear in mind project delivery and go “the extra mile” to achieve it.

Test Process assessment and Improvement

Do you feel that processes within the SDLC in your organization are not catching up to the development speed required by your company? Are you ready to implement quick wins to set the direction of improvements? Doesn’t matter if you are a fan of TPI or TMMI, our seasoned Test Consultants are always ready to give you a hand and support you through the change.


Our test specialists need to have the strongest knowledge toolkit available. This is why we invest heavily in training them in SQL, DWH testing, Test Analysis methods, Tosca, Selenium, TMaP, ISTQB and more… We developed an extensive training model that just makes sense for people thinking about testing seriously. We are sure your internal team would benefit from it too!

Testing as a Service

Have you ever thought how easy it would be for you to consume testing as a service? To just switch on the switch like you do with a light? Transferring the peaks to a vendor and ramping up the project quickly? We have!

New technologies

IOT? AI? Machine learning? We are following the latest trends in technology to provide expert and up-to-date answers on today’s big topics in (not just) the testing world.


We are just 45 minutes drive from Vienna, and less than 2 hrs flight from Brussels. Highly skilled testing experts all speaking English and most of them German. Slovaks are second to none in mentality compatibility with Austrians, Germans and Swiss. Considering the value/price ratio, Bratislava is the best location for nearshoring of testing services