Tesena transforms to Krone Consulting

You have probably noticed that in February 2018, Tesena in Slovakia and Austria transformed into Krone Consulting

We honor what we did before and the only change is focusing on results and solutions delivery even more!

We are not changing a thing on being a testing focused company.

We are not changing a thing on our effort to build trustful and long term partnerships.

We are not changing a thing on providing our people with top-notch trainings.


We are here growing in size, strengthening our delivery capacity and looking forward to all the challenges we can help you with!

And by the way, we plan to support testing community even more, with some BIG surprise being currently prepared and to be communicated soon 🙂


Stay tuned and follow our new social media to make sure you won’t miss it 🙂




Invoicing details remains the same except the address.

We moved our head office address to Suche myto 6, 81103 in centre of Bratislava.

So it’s now as follows:

Head Office Slovakia:

Krone Consulting s.r.o,

Company Registration No.: 502 48 332
VAT Tax ID: SK2120266060


Looking forward to have a coffee with you there!

Peter Svoboda