Summer teambuilding: Hodruša Hámre – Jun 2020

Just like last year, we decided to stay safe and instead of teambuilding abroad, we decided to organize another teambuilding in Slovakia.

This year’s summer team building took place with Horduša Hámre at the Daro Hotel. We had a really busy schedule during this teambuilding. The first day we had dinner together at the hotel. A delicious breakfast was waiting for us the next day and then the NextPath team prepared a presentation for us, where we tried out Virtual Reality. Then we went on a bike trip to Samalandra. Although it was only 9 kilometers, it was not easy. In Salamandra, we also enjoyed a common lunch with our employees. After arrival we had an individual program. We could use the wellness, which was accessible in the hotel, or go to a trip to tajchy, Banská Štiavnica or to aquapark in Vyhne.