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Krone Testathon

Event Description

It is a one-day event where you can test amazing multi-banking mobile and web apps developed by everifin. This event is organized by Krone Consulting as a partner of the Testing United conference.

Testathon is an event created to bring the testing community together while learning from each other and enjoying what we do best. Imagine a day filled with testing challenges, where your expertise in software testing takes center stage. The Testathon is not just any ordinary competition – it’s an opportunity to showcase your skills, push your limits, and be part of a community of passionate testers.

Participation in the Testathon is free and refreshments and lunch are also provided.

How does it work? 

A testathon usually lasts for 8 hours, and it consists of three parts:

  • introductory presentation about the products that will be tested
  • test part
  • final evaluation of the event with the announcement of the winners

During the testing part, you will test the products together in a 5-member team that you have formed. The teams that find the most bugs and the most critical bugs will win the prizes.

What will be tested?

We will test a multi-banking web and mobile applications (android/ios) for a FinTech company everifin that building innovative internet banking solutions.

Why should I join?

If you are passionate about software testing and want to challenge yourself, a testathon is a great opportunity for you where:

  • You will improve your testing skills
  • You will be part of testing community
  • You will have the opportunity to test new products
  • By demonstrating your skills in the team and success in the competition, you can win various prizes
  • You will strengthen the relationships in the team and support teamwork 


8 hours


6th September, 2023


Krone Consulting, Mlynské Nivy 5, Bratislava




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