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Who we are?


We see testing as an integral part of Quality Assurance. It is no longer enough to focus solely on testing, progress and continuous development is in place in order to be all-round Quality Assurance specialists to ensure highest quality services.


Our aim is to bring the added value to the services we provide. To our clients, to the community, to our employees. We innovate, create, support the world of Quality Assurance.


We build on strong core values. Our team is our strength and we deliver the value to the clients through our team.

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Personal Benefit Budget

is here to help our employees grow. Whether it is professional
or personal growth, at KRONE we like to see our staff develop their potential.
Are you at the stage of your life when you want to focus on education and career growth? Great!

Advance your career by using the budget for trainings, workshops, conferences etc.

benefit budget krone consulting

Would you rather invest in your personal skills or personal matters? Also great! You can use it for extra days off or simply withdraw cash*.

You can even split the budget for several different purposes.

We all go through different phases in our lives, we get it. That’s why this budget is designed  to give you the freedom, to decide what benefits suit you the best. You own it, you design how you use it.

*tax deducted, according to applicable Slovak laws.

Our Journey

How are we different?

What happens if the project you are working on ends? Absolutely nothing. We will find you a new project. You don’t need to worry you will lose your job just because the project ended. We are a team and we stand by our players.

What happens if you don’t like the tech you use for work? Well, when it comes to tech we use at KRONE, you can choose the type of device you prefer right at the beginning of your journey with us. Of course, when you are assigned on a project to a client you work with the device they provide to you but you can still get extra gadgets like external screen, mouse etc. of your choice from us.