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API testing with Cypress workshop

Filip Hric

QA Lead at Slido, Cypress ambassador and Lecturer

Mária Priečková

Test Coordinator and lecturer at KRONE Consulting services 

Course Description

Join me on the upcoming API testing workshop to find out what Cypress can do for your APIs and how you can make most of your tests. We will be exploring REST API, testing its response and dive into advanced testing techniques.

For this time only, you can join the workshop at a discounted price!

Why test API in Cypress?

Cypress is a great tool for end-to-end testing, but can be a powerfull one for testing your REST API as well. With easy-to-use syntax, it can be a great companion to your already existing end to end suite.

Cypress is super fast, and it’s built for testing. This means that you can easily call your API, but it’s even easier to test the response data, headers and other information. With a variety of plugins, you can even test with json schemas or apply advanced testing techniques.





This workshop is helpful for anyone who’s next project will include API testing. It will give you a good basis for creating an effective test automation suite for your REST API tests and help you out finding useful patterns in testing various API responses.
This workshop curriculum assumes that you have the basic knoledge of REST API and some basics of Cypress. It’s definitely not a super-advanced workshop, but consider coming if you lack this knowledge. If you are already familiar with basic Cypress syntax, such as cy.request() then you will do just fine on the workshop.

Filip Hric

QA Lead at Slido, Cypress ambassador and Lecturer

Workshop Outline



    • Workshop instructions, showcase of the API under test and the application

API testing basics

    • Using methods, queries and testing responses

Headers, authorization and chaining requests

    • Passing data from one request to another, handling authorization

Testing complex responses

    • Testing responses with complex data, using strategies to pick and test attributes of interest

JSON schemas

    • Testing api responses with JSON schemas, generating schemas from existing data.



3 Hours


19th October, 2022





Online using Zoom



150 € (without VAT)

You will get
  • Original t-shirt
  • Certificate of workshop completion
  • Access to exclusive Discord server channel, where you can reach out even after the workshop
  • Workshop repo with the application to test and all the learning materials

What can you expect on the workshop?

  • Workshop will be in english language
  • It will be held online on a a zoom meeting. During exercises, we‘ll go into breakout rooms
  • In every chapter, I’ll do a demo or a presentation and then you’ll have a chance to try it out on your own
  • A repository with an application for testing will be available to you, installation instructions are sent before the workshop
  • You will be working coding, working on challenges, using local version of the application and your text editor

Other dates are available on request.

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